Wood Pellet Stoves Easy Renewable Energy

Wood pellet stoves offer an alternative method or auxiliary heat for people without the time or physical abilities to use standard wood stoves. Once the stove is set up feeding can be done using a scoop to fill the hopper. Ashes are usually easier to handle and remove in these user-friendly appliances.

In these modern times with natural gas and fuel oil costs rising every winter these stoves offer an easy use method to use recycled wood to help cut your heating costs. When used as your primary source of heating your home the pellets cost between 1/3 to ½ the cost of natural gas or fuel oil and offer a renewable energy source.

Wood pellet stove Pellet stove thermostat Wood pellet stove pellets

The picture of the pellets is greatly enlarged to show detail they are about the half the diameter of a pencil. The fuel can be bought in forty- pound bags or by the ton. From the research I've done I would advise you to buy the pellets in the summer to ensure your supply, just as you would buy or cut your cords of wood for a wood burning-stove. Where I live there never seams to be a pellet shortage but Grandpas wisdom suggests that you be prepared.

Following some of the suggestions to be found on Wood Heatingand Heat Exchangerswill help you with installation and the frugal use of you heating dollar.

Some simple to use attractive stoves and fireplace inserts are available online or in most areas at local distributors.

Always use manufacturers advice with regard to safety when installing your stove.


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Leave Wood Pellet Stoves and Return to Grandpas Home

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