A Wood-Burner Saves Money
And Add Charm

A Wood-burner offers many advantages for the frugal independent thinking homeowner. When properly installed and maintained they can be a safe significantly cheaper way to heat your home. Healthful outdoor exercise is also a nice added perk. If you have the time cutting and splitting your own wood is a way to help cleanup dead and fallen trees that contribute to hard to control forest fires when left to build up. Most states will give you permission to clean up fallen trees in state parks and sometimes game lands but always seek permission.

My Woodstove Insulated Flue Pipe Heat Exchanger

Companion And Back-up Heat-source

When you think of emergency back up heating, a wood-burner can keep you cozy and warm even when ice storms have knocked out the power. Convenient and always ready they require a little work and give back security with a nice reduction in monthly and yearly heating costs.

Augment your existing heating system by heating your basement giving you warm floors and radiated heat that will help reduce furnace run times.

My wood stove is in my living room on a tile floor with 1-inch thick fireproof backboards on the walls behind it, it sits in the corner. I start a fire after I get home from work around 4 O'clock and last feed it before going to bed at 11 Pm. The fire will usually last till 2 in the morning. My heating expenses, even you take into account the cost of the wood, have been cut in half. I have an 1880 era plank house with E-glass windows and walls I have insulated.

Wood-burners Come In Many Forms

Whether you have an airtight stand alone like the one I use, a wood pellet stove, a fireplace insert, or an add on for your forced air or hot water boiler wood burning using seasoned hardwood will greatly reduce your heating bills.

When using an add on with a boiler you can often add a coil and accompanying hot water tank to lower energy cost associated with hot water.

Keep your flue clean and only burn good quality hard wood and you will produce a blue clean flame that produces very little smoke.

Different woods provide pleasing aromas. Cherry wood is my favorite, though most fruit woods have a pleasant smell. Nut woods like hickory are very dense and will burn much longer making them a better choice for your last feeds for the night most also are aromatic.


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