Winter Wisdom Will Save You Money
And Keep You Cozy And Warm.

This year and for many years to come wood heating and home winterizing can be an interesting way to help the environment and save yourself some real money.

Wood fired stoves of the airtight design can be environmentally friendly and help keep broken limbs and dead or diseased trees from being fuel for uncontrollable wild forest fires.

Wood Pellet Stoves offer an alternative to standard wood stoves for busy people or people who find handling wood a bit challenging.

Use a triple wall insulated flue with fire retardant between the flue and where it exits the building. Make sure to read all instructions that come with your stove and flue pipe for proper installation and cleaning.

By simpling adding an inexpensive heat exchanger you can recapture up to thirty percent of the heat that would otherwise be lost out your flue.

triple wall insulated flue with cap flue cleaning brushes airtight woodstove

In my home I have installed ceramic tile under as well as in front my airtight woodstove. I was also able to locate a piece of soapstone one inch thick large enough that my stove sits on top with several inches to spare.

Fire resistant backboards four and one half feet in height placed on the walls behind the stove as well as yearly flue cleaning and only burning seasoned hardwoods make for very safe and inexpensive operation.

Reducing Home Heating Costs Starts With Windows And Doors

Home winterizing should start with sealing out drafts around windows and doors. Check glazing around glass on older windows and use calking around face boards inside and out.

Doubled pane windows with E-glass (glass designed to reflect heat ) and argon gas will greatly reduce heat loss as well as keeping outside heat from entering in summer. These windows will pay for themselves within a few years in savings on energy bills.

Home Winterizing Includes Protection From Water Damages

Wisdom from grandpa includes ways to protect outside faucets from freezing in places where temperatures fall well below freezing during winter months.

Water lines need to be below the frost line. Frost line depth varies depending on where you live.

Outside water facets need to be attached to lines with valves inside that have bleeders on them to allow them to be drained to prevent freezing.

Hoses should be drained and rolled up or they will swell and possibly crack or burst.

I also have installed inexpensive Styrofoam covers on my outdoor facets after draining them.

Use light air pressure to blow out any parts of your drip irrigation system that you plan to leave in place.

If you need to leave a water-line on outside in freezing weather make sure you insulate it and use a good quality heat tape system and still drain when not in use for extended periods.

Vehicle Preperation Will Save You Money And Make You Safer

Vehicle preperation includes everything from window wipers to studded tires, anti-freeze to battery maintenance.

Here Some Simple Wisdom To Help You Out:

  • Check wiper blades replace with silicon blades if needed (ice won't stick to them)
  • Make sure your battery terminals are clean and protected with electrical grease
  • Have your battery tested so you won't be stuck some cold morning it takes more current in colder weather.
  • Check your anti-freeze and if needed have your system flushed and new coolant installed
  • If you have road icing problems where you live studded tires have helped me climb the hills where I live (check your local and state laws regarding when stud use is permitted. Where I live its on after Nov.15th off by Apr.15th.
  • Maintain proper tire pressure for good traction and milage.


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