Many Sizes, Varieties and Flavors

Tomatoes are the heart of home gardens in almost every country in the world. Each country has it own unique varieties with so many different characteristics. There are so many different colors, shapes, textures, and flavors that there is bound to be one out there to please almost everyone.

Once thought to be poisonous because it belongs to the nightshade family it's fruit, often thought of as a vegetable, can be found in more culinary delights than almost any other.

A big juicy sandwich with a fresh picked tomato right out of your own garden is a delight that every home gardener relishes all summer long and longs for the rest of the year.

Preparation of the soil and a little research into what you expect will give you the abundance for your own needs and some to share with friends and love-ones.

Green Tomatoes Home Grown Tomato Tomatoes On Plant

Choose According To Your Own Wants And Needs

Heirloom Tomatoes Grow determinate when you want a large crop to ripen over a short period of time for canning sauces, salsa, juice, catsup, and many other traditional and ethnic specialties. Determinates set a lot of fruit but don't continue to produce until last frost.

Bush Tomatoes usually determinate, growing on compact plants that have heavy stocks that require less support.

Determinates will be your best pick if all you have is a balcony or a deck and still long for that fresh picked taste. Container gardening allows for experimenting with different varieties of determinates from cherry types, low acid, to even beefsteak bush plants.

Grow indeterminate with different days to maturity to have that early bragging tomato or if you can't wait the eighty days or so for those huge fruits that cover a sandwich with one slice.

Heirlooms are an interesting connection to the past or ethnic link to the old country or just your own heritage.

Local gardening centers now carry large selections of determinate, indeterminate, and heirloom plants which can be either determinate or indeterminate.

If you long to try something different you might try looking at or both places offer large varieties of both open pollinated (if you save the seeds your plants will be the same) and the first one also has a large selection of hybrids.

Check your seed catalogs because each offer some exclusives that will not disappoint you some of which are open pollinated and can disappear over only a few years because people tend to save the seeds and the demand dries up. Henry field had an exclusive called RED BIRD that could be direct seeded and produce the most delicious fruits that I have ever tasted,in about 70 days, but try as I may I can no longer get them and I have even called the company.


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