Pop-Rivets An Old Standby
For Quick Easy Repairs

To make connections or patches in sheet metal pop-rivets are the simplest, least expensive way to go. On flat, curved, or even angled surfaces; with or without washers or plates quick fastening is easily accomplished.

Let grandpa help you with all of your pop rivet questions. Do you need to fasten two, three, or even more pieces of material together?

Some of the tools you will need when making repairs or fabricating things using pop rivets include a drill ( either corded or cordless), a pop rivet gun, sheet metal shears, pop rivets and washers, and an awl when repairing soft materials.

Aluminum and Steel pop-rivets Cordless drill and bits Rivet gun and tools

Different types and thicknesses of metal can be fashioned into almost anything your mind can come up with.

Repairs on vehicles, lawn furniture, grills, lawn mowers, and almost anything used in your yard or on your patio can be fixed with the help of the humble pop rivet.

Leather and most soft plastic or vinyl can be either repaired or fabricated with the help of washers to increase surface area and give strength and prevent pull through.

When doing many craft projects where strength is needed the improvement over simple gluing is quite remarkable.

Try using aluminum or copper where moisture may cause rusting or corrosion. Copper also is a great conductor of electricity and will make a nice tight connection when used in coordination with round end clips on the end of wires.

Where strength is important steel rivets of varying sizes are available. For strength and corrosion resistance stainless steel can be used but will be more expensive than common steel.


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