Planting Tomatoes With the Right Soil Preparation and Companions

Double dig when planting tomatoes and you can more than double the root system for healthier plants and increased production. You can plant closer, saving space and reducing weed problems. Here's how:

  • Dig out a trench at one end of and the width of your bed, make your beds about four feet wide and the length being determined by the width of your garden.
  • Make the trench one spade deep and wide.
  • Put the soil from the trench in a wheel-barrel to be used to fill over the last trench.
  • Use a spading fork if you have one or your spade if you don't to loosen the soil at the bottom of the trench.
  • Add an inch or two of well-rotted horse manure or compost if you have it.
  • A light dusting of bone meal and an inch or so of sphagnum peat moss and then add the soil from the second trench to the top.
  • Continue in the same manner until you get to the last trench, fill it with soil from the top of the trench that you saved in the wheel-barrel.
The loosened soil will now be enriched and your bed will be a raised Bed that you must avoid walking on.
Tomato Tomato plant Green and Red Tomatoes

Follow these simple rules when planting:

  • When planting tomatoes in their holes remove the bottom leaves and plant them deeply leaving only the top of the plants above ground.
  • Roots will form all along the buried stem feeding and watering the plant abundantly.
  • Make an equilateral triangle with each side being 18 inches
  • Lay the triangle in the back corner and place a plant at each point then flip the triangle so that each plant is 18 inches apart.
  • Continue this until all of your tomatoes have been planted.
  • Use tomato cages or stake plants right after planting to avoid root damage later on.
  • Mix one tablespoon of Epson salts (magnesium sulfate) to a gallon of water for each plant and pour slowly allowing it to sink to the roots this will help the plants to take up water and nutrients and produce healthy fruit.

This system is one of the cleanest, simplest methods that will give you abundant yields of your own favorites. Raised beds are easier on the legs and back and the double digging means less weeds.

Plant onion plants interspaced with your tomatoes they will ripen early and make a great companion.


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