Using Organic Compost And Manures To Feed The Soil

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The key to the success of every organic garden is to feed the soil with plenty of organic compost and the right kind of manure for the types of plants you plan to grow.

The time you wish to devote will determine whether you can make hot compost or cold compost. Hot compost can be made in about two weeks while cold compost takes six months or longer. Below you will find how and why it would be to your advantage to make both kinds.

Different types of manure can be useful for various applications. Discover the usefulness of hot manures and cold manures. Little tricks and bits of wisdom from generations past will make the mix just right.

Get your garden started early and protect those frost sensitive plants by building cold and hot frames. Simple covers will extend your season and make your gardening experience a rewarding one.

Below you will find a helpful list that will grow over time to help you along your way.


  • understanding compost
  • hot compost
  • hot pile composting
  • hot container composting
  • cold compost
  • cold compost pile
  • cold compost trenching
  • Compost recipes
  • Compost tea

  • Composting containers

  • Worm composting
  • Controling moisture in your compost will help heat it up
  • Some ingredients give you nitrogen while others supply carbon a good mix is about 50/50 ratio


  • clay and what to do with it
  • sandy and what you need to add
  • sandy loam loose-textured soil consisting of a mixture of sand and clay containing organic matter (your target)


  • Hot manure types and there uses
  • Cold manure for long term soil health

Here are a few tips to help you balance Ph and its effect on nutrient uptake and microbe health.



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