Grandpa Uses a Laser Level to Simplify Common Jobs

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When siding a building you must start with the bottom starter section being perfectly level. With a rotating laser level you have the ability to set the laser level in your yard and plot a line on your house or building as a starting point. You will also have the ability to check your project as you advance up the structure.

Hanging pictures or mirrors now becomes a simple task. Just set up your level and hang knowing that it will always look good.

Studs and paneling or drywall will be plumb every time. Windows and doors will always work better when all is level and square. When you use a laser level you will always be plumb and level and therefore square.

Stair calculations are made simple when you plot your lines and angles using a laser level.

A deck that drains well and still remains close enough to level that only checking it with a level would tell you that it's not is easy to build using your laser.

Spouting pitch can be easily plotted and checked as you put it up with hands free thanks to the laser line on the job when you have your laser set up and pointed from your yard.

No kitchen cabinet job should ever be attempted without your laser level at the ready.

Simplify Landscaping with a Laser Level

Landscaping is a lot more appealing to yourself and other people when the lines are clean and balanced. Level beds and slightly pitched lawns conserve water and allow for good drainage. Pitching to let rainwater to away from your house instead of toward it will help keep your basement dry.

Land laser leveling can bring a farmers field to near flatness with a little slope for good drainage.

Surveying is Simpler With a Laser Level

When surveying and using a tripod and rotating to establish an illuminated horizontal plane it can be swept around a vertical axis. With an assistant carrying a staff equipped with a movable sensor that can detect the beam and sound when alignment has been established, thus allowing for elevation comparisons between different points on terrain.


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