Growing Peppers Hot and Sweet

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Growing peppers whether sweet or hot bell peppers and any variety of long thin peppers will spice up or enhance the flavor of so many raw or cooked dishes. Like tomatoes they are grown in more than three quarters of the countries of the world. Every country having their own unique varieties and just as many recipes make them a popular choice for every backyard gardener. Pimentos are excellent stuffed, fried with eggs, or even stuffed into green olives.

Sweet Peppers & Hot Peppers

Bell peppers are the most popular peppers in the home garden and wanting the sweet variety. Pepper plants require warm well-drained soil. Raised beds rich in organics like bone meal for phosphorus, some wood ashes for potassium and a little well aged horse manure for the soil microbes needed to break down and make available the micro nutrients needed for healthy plants. Healthy plants and proper even watering will produce abundant flavorful crops. Large thick walled varieties are the best types for stuffing. Stuffed with rice and ground beef or with a traditional bread stuffing they will always compliment any meal as the lead or a side dish. Pimentos are my favorite variety for stuffing.

Long thin frying peppers fried up in olive oil with eggs and sweat onions on a hard roll are a treat I look forward to all winter long. Sweats for most and hot to mild hot for the more adventurous.

There are Smokey flavors, citrusy, and something to please almost any palate whether hot or sweat or somewhere in between.

All peppers like warmer summers. Sweats are sweater when given at least one half an inch to one inch of water a week to be extra productive, thick walled and sweat. Hots can have their bite tempered by watering also, milder with more watering and hotter with some suffering. Heat is still a matter of individual variety water usage only lessens or intensifies to a point.


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