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Are you wondering where Grandpa got the wisdom to start a home business? Are you a little curious how you can do it to? Are you secretly wishing for a home business of your own?

While I was still in high school I started working at a factory making nylon for computer and typewriter ribbons. During summer vacation I worked engraving jewelry and trophies.

In school I studied to be a machinist and spent several years doing tool and die work, building tools and machinery for some of our local industry and food production plants.

I've had my own convenience store, worked at a composting plant, had as many as three businesses going at the same time with multiple employees.

In 1968 on Halloween day I started working at my present government job in wastewater treatment. My job has taught me a lot about the environment and the use of large machinery and how much government loves paperwork.

I've worked at this job for nearly forty years now and within a few years I'll be retiring. The job was secure while we raised our six children with a steady income and health benefits. Just because I'm looking at retirement doesn't mean I'm ready to stop working. Now I'll be looking at working smart instead of working hard.

One of the best opportunities I've come across is a home-based business that lets you control your own hours and move at your own pace. Whatever your passion this business will let you be as successful as you dream to be. Your work and time will be a joy because the more you give the more you get and your work makes you successful because your working for you.

This Is How Simple It Is To Start A Home Business

Grandpa's Life Experience And Passion For Wisdom Made This Site Possible

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When I was about five years old a plumber who had a shop across the alley from where I lived taught me how to cut and thread pipes with old pipe recovered from jobs he had done.

As a child I helped the older people in the neighborhood and learned a lot from them, they had many skills but lacked the physical ability to perform them.

In 1981 my wife and I invested in an old estate that we made our home, it was a real fixer-upper built in 1880 by the family we bought it from.

Most of the major utilities needed upgraded. I had to replace all the waterlines including the service to the main. The wiring was 110 volt 30 amp service with old screw-in bus fuses. The furnace was an old coal fired gravity fed boiler with a gas conversion unit that ate natural gas at three time the rate of the furnace we replaced it with in 2005. There was no insulation, and 100 year old windows and doors. Believe me I could go on, but this is why I've much to share.

More was learned by necessity than anything else, I needed to have things done and didn't have the money to pay anyone so I ask a lot of questions and used a lot of sweat equity. Time and questions have equaled wisdom and more questions.

Now that I'm nearing retirement age I started looking for a business opportunity when my wife came across Site-Build-It. She was able to start her own online business with the opportunity they made available with help and guidance at her fingertips. She convinced me that I could do the same and that's how Grandpas-Wisdom was born.


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