Your Gardening Wisdom Guide.

Mixture of Fresh Garden Vegetables

Here you will find timeless tips and old-fashioned Gardening Wisdom. Started by the home gardener seedlings give you the head start needed by the northern gardener for long season crops and by the southern gardener to be early enough to beat the heat of summer.

Tomatoes on Vine Tomatoes and peppers are the most popular plants started as seedlings but if you like eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and many other vegetables you will learn how easy and inexpensively you can do it yourself.

Plants for your flower garden and herb garden and even fruit plants from cuttings will respond well with the tips and gardening wisdom you will learn on the pages linked here.

Starting Your Seedlings Is Planning Your Garden

Cauliflower growing in garden The largest advantage of starting your own seedlings is in having the chance to try new and exotic varieties and also hard to find heirlooms. You will know how you've started your seedlings and be able to control feeding, watering, and lighting to insure that you have the healthiest, hardiest, and best suited plants for your growth zone. This will also give you the advantage to try new companions and try new tastes.

Try mixing vegetables and annual flowers such as marigolds. Marigolds and some varieties of herbs can discourage harmful insects and rodents.

Let's start out some common Vegetables Seedlings

Starting Seedlings in Cold Frames
Will Give You A Head Start

Onions in garden When you use a cold frame it can give you a three or four week head-start when needed for those very long season crops like different varieties of melons, giant pumpkins, ornamental gourds and just about anything that requires more than your normal growing season.

Handy Tips and Tricks When Using Cold Frames

Hot Frames Will Give You A Two Month Head Start
On Your Garden

What makes a hot frame different from a cold frame is the addition of hot manure buried about a foot below the surface.

The manure will raise the the temperature when using certain (hot)manures. Horse, chicken, and pig manure when fresh produce a lot of heat which when burried make a hot frame possible.

The wisdom of gardening and the joy that it brings can be shared and enjoyed with children and grandchildren and passed on to many generations to come.


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