The Wisdom Of Using Dry-wall Screws

You will be amazed at the multitude of uses for dry-wall screws.

They can be bought in sizes from ½ ins.x number6 to 6 ins.x number 12 or even larger, and anywhere in between.

You will find yourself coming up with so many different uses for this modern marvel with just a little nudge from grandpa. Wallboard screws

Use dry-wall fasteners in almost any building project and give yourself the advantage of taking apart your minor mistakes without damaging them.

By simply pre drilling before assembling you will avoid splitting wood projects even when made with hardwoods like oak.

Drywall screws when used in place of nails will hold your work together far better than nails because nails rely on friction and compression alone to keep things from coming apart. Screws on the other hand actually grip with the depth and surface area of the threads increasing the strength of the connection many times while maintaining the ability to be disassembled and reassembled many times and still having no loss of integrity. Keeping a large variety of dry wall screws on hand will give you the ability to make those quick emergency repairs whenever you need to.

A cordless drill, the proper bit (that usually come in the box of dry-wall-screws), and the proper drill bit or counter sink for the screw you are using is all you need.


Leave Dry-wall screws and return to fasteners

Leave Dry-wall screws and return to Grandpas Home

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