Using Drip Irrigation To Water Your Organic Garden

Water conservation and the benefits of drip irrigation will give you the happiest and healthiest plants.

An irrigation kit can be as simple as soaker hose or as complex as you as you wish to make it.

More elaborate systems will require more work and expense upfront but will save you time and money for many years to come. A good system can reduce water usage by as much as eighty-five percent.

How you save so much water is that the emitters slowly drips right over the plant roots and perk slowly into the soil.

When you use a hose a lot of the water runs off or waters the weeds. When you use a sprinkler as much as eighty percent is atomized or blown by the wind to another area. But with drip irrigation you deep water encouraging deep healthy drought tolerant roots.

drip emitter battery operated water timer another type drip emitter

Try Customizing Your Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation kits can be customized to suit your individual needs. Emitters come in sizes ranging from one half gallon per hour to four gallons per hours or more.

Some emitters being able to be adjusted and fine-tuned as you find what you need and still others able to compensate for pressure and volume variations.

Water conservation and more free time to can, dry, and otherwise store your bounty is accomplished by use of a simple inexpensive battery operated water timer.

If you have a well you may wish to build a manifold with separate valves that will allow you to run separate timers to different areas to spread the load over time. Pimento with Dripper

Organic gardening benefits from a drip irrigation system greatly because you only water the plants and root systems you choose and not the weeds surrounding them.

With one irrigation kit that you can make up yourself you will be able to water your organic garden, fruit bushes and canes, and even some dwarf fruit trees with a single system.

I set my timer to run for a half-hour in the morning from 5:00am to 5:30am seven days a week. The even watering helps to maintain healthy stress free plants as well as a good environment for earthworms and beneficial insects. greenbeans with flowers Watering in the morning is prefered because this will allow the plants to dry before night and discourage fungal growth and slug infestation. Another way to help prevent slug infestation is spread play sand at the base of the plants. Jar lids with stale beer will attract and drown slugs.


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