Corn Stoves Are Simple And Inexpensive To Use

With gas and oil prices rising every heating season it's nice to know that corn stoves and furnaces offer an alternative fuel for renewable energy.

Some stoves can run on corn, Wood pellets, or a combination of both offering you the chance to choose the fuel that is either more available or least expensive in any given year.

Corn stoves come in many attractive styles from cozy to ornate so they can be used in a dining or living room or even bedroom.

Be sure that you use all safety precautions especially when used in sleeping quarters.

With tempered glass doors you have the cozy look of an open fire with the safety of a sealed unit.

Corn furnaces can be forced air or boilers and can be bought in combination types. Some of the boiler types can be used to supply domestic hot water when used with zone controls.

Corn furnace Corn stove Corn as fuel for stove or furnace

The BTU rating for a pound of corn is roughly 7000 BTUs per pound with a 15%moisture content.

Fuel corn is sold in 50 pound bags pallets of bags or sometimes in five gallon pails.

Heating Values Of Shelled Corn:

  • One ton of hard coal=3300 pounds corn
  • One gallon of #2 fuel oil=22 pounds
  • 1,000,000 BTU's of natural gas =170 pounds of corn
  • one gallon of propane =15 pounds of corn
  • A cord of hardwood =2800 pounds of corn
  • One ton of wood pellets =2500 pounds of corn
  • One thousand kWh of electricity =635 pounds of corn

For some safety ideas and installation tips please check out Winter Wisdom


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