Carrots Come In Different
Shapes And Sizes

Great kid pleasers carrots are powerhouses of vitamins and minerals. One root contains all the recommended daily requirements of vitamin A as well as vitamin B, C, D, E, and K.

Double-dig your bed for deep loose rock free soil to have the greatest success. Use plenty of compost but avoid fresh manure because too much nitrogen produces poor tasting roots with side shoots.

Variations on four basic shapes and many hybrids provide a wide variety of types and colors for the home organic gardener.

White, orange, crimson, or yellow the roots can be thin, fat, or round. They can be early or late varieties crack and disease resistant.

Plant this cool weather crop first about three weeks before the last expected frost and then every two or three weeks till two and a half months before the first frost in the fall.

Thin to one inch apart when the tops are about two inches high then in two weeks to three inches apart.

Mulch plants to maintain moisture drip irrigation with a timer helps. Pull weeds as apposed to using a hoe to prevent damaging the feeder roots.

Carrots Carrot cake Colored carrots

A Delicious Versatile Vitamin Powerhouse

Carrots can be steamed, boiled, baked, candied, and made into a delicious juice.

No soup, stew, corned beef and cabbage would be the same without it. They can be used to make a very popular cake or fantastic moist cookies.

Storage can be by canning, freezing, or layering in sand or peat for fresh winter use.

Saving for winter use, twist off the tops, layer undamaged roots (so they're not touching) with sand or peat in boxes then cover the boxes with straw. More flavor and nutritional value is retained this way.

Some great garden companions for carrots are Bush beans , Pole Beans ,Celery , onions, tomato, marigold but avoid strawberries.


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