Rediscover The Old Days

Remember When Grandpas Wisdom
Was Spun Between Friends

grandpa and grandma In the good old days Grandpa's wisdom was spun between friends. Many useful tips were passed down from generations of fathers, sons, and grandpas. Here you will find a collection of interesting tidbits of knowledge on just about anything.

You will discover organic gardening, household tips along with little things I've learned the hard way by making mistakes. A bit on fly fishing, wiring, plumbing, drip irrigation, and many other things. When you stop by check out the links that I'll be adding. I hope you will find what you need to help you solve your current problems.

You will be able to quickly find out how to repair a leaking toilet, double dig a garden bed, so you need less water and weeding. You will also find some articles on woodworking and cabinet making and all types of home repairs.

When I was young I helped the older people in the neighborhood who didn't have the physical strength to do home repairs anymore but they had quite a bit of knowledge that they were willing to share. During my early years they taught me quite a lot. I hope to share some of that knowledge with all who come my way. Now that I'm a grandpa myself and have my sons and grandsons asking me how do I do this and how do I that.

Here are some of the topics that you will discover as you browse my site.

I know your time is valuable so I'll try to keep it simple and to the point. There will also be links to elaborate for more complex subjects such as woodworking and herb gardening. When you leave my site I hope your questions will be answered and you will stop back often and tell your friends about your experiences.

I appreciate your patience while I am building Grandpa's Wisdom and know you will understand when you see how I continue to grow.


Handy Tips and Tricks From Grandpa's Wisdom
Grandpa's blog will show you interesting new ideas and new ways to repair just about anything. Enjoy a little wit and wisdom, a few handy tips from generations past.
Grandpas Wisdom Site Map Guide
Use Grandpas Wisdom site map to save time finding the information you are looking for. Gardening, home repair, and general how to knowledge Grandpa can help you all the way.
Grandpa's Winter Wisdom About This And That
Winter wisdom will save you money and keep you cozy and warm this winter and for many more to come.
With Cold Compost Time Is Not Your Enemy and Earthworms Are Your Partner
Don't waste those leaves and grass clippings, cold compost uses them to feed your organic garden naturally. Most of the vegetable and yard waste you produce can be used to make the absolute best orga
Organic Gardening Something Old That's New Again
Organic gardening is a way to connect to the earth and your heritage. Learn ways to nurture plants and the soil itself in a way that not only transforms the garden but also the gardener.
Wood Heating
DIY (Do it yourself) home wood heating using an airtight woodstove can be an efficient, safe, and rewarding way to cut home heating costs in half.
Grandpa's Gardening Wisdom Simplifies Garden Mysteries
Allow me to be your Gardening Wisdom guide. Here you will find timeless tips and old-fashioned experience.
Restore The Life To Your Soil With Organic Compost
By using organic compost and manures to feed the soil you will bring it to life while your plants will dance with abundance. Make your organic gardening about you and your connection to the earth.
Explores Plant Relationships With Companion Gardening
Companion gardening is almost as old as gardening itself. Naturally boost production and protect your vegetable plants from pests.
Grandpa's Website Took A Little Wisdom
Discover how Grandpa is having a little fun preparing for retirement. Are you a little curious how you can do it to? Are you secretly wishing for a home business of your own?
Allow Me To Introduce You Pole Beans
Pole beans make excellent garden companions for the organic gardener
Grandpa's Real Simple Duct Tape Secrets
Discover the magical uses of duct tape only limited by your imagination. Share ideas and tips that you have learned
Celery What is it Good for?
Celery A Great Food And Garden Companion And Nutritious Too
Fasteners The Magic That Holds Things Together.
Fasteners Connect Metal to Metal, Wood to Wood, Wood to Metal Just About Anything to Anything.
Bolts And Nuts Wisdom From Grandpa
Almost everything you own now or will buy in the future is held together with bolts and nuts.
Grandpa's Pop-Rivets Wisdom
Pop rivets are a simple inexpensive way to fasten a large variety of thin materials. Metal to metal, plastic to metal, etc. with pop-rivets all are possible.
The amazing dry-wall screws can almost replace the common nail
Dry-wall screws have come full circle for the wise do-it-yourselfer.
Strawberry Plants Give Early Sweet Abundance
Growing strawberries with your own strawberry plants is simple and rewarding.
Blueberries A Delicious Healthy Treat
Blueberries are easy to grow and store and are high in antioxidants and other cancer fighting agents.
Tomatoes The Heart of Every Backyard Garden
There are as many varieties and flavors of tomatoes as there are countries in the world.
Planting Tomatoes Using Grandpa's Secrets
Planting Tomatoes with the right soil preparation and companions will greatly increase your yields.
Growing peppers hot and sweet
Growing peppers probably ranks second only to growing tomatoes to the home gardener.
Grandpas Wood-Burner Wisdom Tips And Tricks
A Wood-burner saves money, offer charm, and recyclable byproducts. Follow Grandpas advice to stay safe and warm
Share Your Gardening Tips With Grandpa
Grandpas gardening tips is an ineractive way to share learn old fashioned and modern garden secrets. Don't be shy stop in and share a few of your garden tips with us all.
The Laser Level Gives You Quicker More Accurat
The use of laser level techniques have revolutionized home building projects with more accuracy and clean lines.
Grandpas Heirloom Tomatoes Growing Tips
Grandpas Love of Heirloom Tomatoes Reflects his Italian Heritage and German Heritage as well
Grandpas Cauliflower Wisdom & Growing Tips
Cauliflower Growing Can be a Challenge Tasty and Well Worth the Effort
Honeybees and beekeeping for the Best Organic Garden Experience.
Honeybees Pollinate for Better Production and can Supply you with Honey and Wax too.
Grandpas Chili Peppers Gardening Wisdom Guide
Chili peppers have been eaten and used in the Americas for more than 9,000 years.

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